ILM Center Library


The ILM Center (“ILM” = Islamic Learning Mindset) is an Islamic library in Southeast DC that is open to the public. It is primarily intended to serve inner-city residents—individuals, youth, and families–by facilitating access to quality Islamic literature.

The Center is intended to be a place of refuge and reflection that will, in sha Allah, inspire personal and social change, where people’s inward and outward affairs can be contemplated over and rectified; where journeys of self-discovery can be stimulated and fostered; and where enlightenment can be found. Aside from serving as a reading library, the Center is also be a hub for monthly children’s storytimes and regular book club meetings (future), in sha Allah. The library will also stock literature intended to respond to literature requests by our brothers and sisters in detention and correctional facilities.

The ILM Center is housed at America’s Islamic Heritage Museum in the Anacostia neighborhood, conveniently located within walking distance from a Metro subway station and alongside one of the main thoroughfares of Southeast DC:

America’s Islamic Heritage Museum
2315 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20020
(3 blocks from the Anacostia Metro station on the green line)

Past ILM Center Programs