• Halaqahs. Consistent weekly halaqahs (study/discussion circles) intended for two distinct audiences: a) one which establishes Islamic literacy among new or newly-practicing Muslims through reviewing the basics of iman, islam, and ihsan with a focus on sustainable growth as well as development of lasting mentorship bonds; b) one which focuses on the spiritual and learning needs of practicing Muslims, covering topics such as tafsir, Sirah, and tazkiyat al-nafs / tasawwuf. For more, click here
  • Classes, Seminars, & Workshops. Periodic classes, workshops, and seminars led by local and visiting Islamic scholars and qualified teachers, aimed at disseminating the rich wisdom to be found in knowledge passed down through sound chains of transmission from the time of the Prophet (Allah bless him & give him peace)–preserved through the sciences of the Deen–and providing guidance-based insight on issues and topics relevant to the learning and/or life needs of the local community. For more, click here
  • ILM Center Library Project. A library of books and electronic media (audio and video), partially intended to respond to both community and inmate requests for Islamic literature and media. For more, click here.   


  • Retreats. Facilitating participation in soul-replenishing retreats based in natural environments, local and national, meant to cultivate a healthy spirit of adventure; create important opportunities for self-reflection and close companionship, particularly impactful for inner-city residents; and inspire or renew the resolve to take on one of life’s most momentous struggles–the perfection of one’s character. Also, in the same vein, periodic i’tikafs at area masjids to get away from life’s many distractions and recharge participants’ commitment to drawing nearer to Allah Most High. For more, click here


  • Partnerships. Partnerships with and referrals to Islamic learning institutions and programs that can enhance our educational efforts. Referrals to local resources for tutoring, GED training, job skills development, job opportunities, and other programs (especially those which are Muslim-led or -affiliated) that directly benefit inner-city residents, promote a stronger and healthier family life, and/or work toward a holistic vision of community development and social change. For more, click here