About Us


tajdeed: (Arabic) n. renewal, rejuvenation, restoration, regeneration, reconditioning, renovation, reorganization.

We are a group of Muslim individuals and families, mostly based in inner-city Washington, DC, and neighboring Prince George’s County, who share a love for traditional Islamic learning. Our mission is to connect residents of underserved communities in Washington, DC, and surrounding areas with traditional Islamic learning, so as to cultivate a healthy and balanced understanding and practice of the Deen rooted in sound chains of transmission. We envision a community of Muslims seeking spiritual and social upliftment guided by the Qur’an and the way of the final Messenger, Muhammad, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, and striving to embody its ideals inwardly and outwardly.

In the short term, our primary aim is to inspire and encourage those attending and participating in our programs to transform themselves and their environments (i.e., home and community) through gradual learning and implementation of the basics of Islam (iman, islam, ihsan) with an emphasis on Prophetic character and realignment with fitrah. In the long term, we hope to support the growth of future scholars, teachers, and leaders from underserved areas who will be instrumental in providing guidance-based insight and action on issues relevant to the needs of their community.

Across America, inner-cities have fallen victim to drugs, alcoholism, poverty, violence, and demolished family structures. This is further supported and compounded by societal structures and phenomena that perpetuate the current state of affairs (e.g., mass incarceration; the prison-industrial complex; racial discrimination). Under such circumstances, the inner-city environment remains a challenging one; one that can stifle motivation, growth, and a positive sense of purpose and vision. Nevertheless, we are hopeful. We believe that a life that is wholesome, good, and healthy is fully possible in the inner-city environment. We believe Islam–properly understood and practiced–provides a solid foundation for the rejuvenation, healing, and positive transformation of individuals, communities, and society.

Toward pursuit of the above, we hope to one day establish a center of Islamic learning, character development, and social empowerment.