THIS SUNDAY! Closing Ceremony w/ Imam Amin Muhammad

EOI Closing Ceremony

Celebrating a Milestone!

Join us as we conclude our first bi-weekly class — a months-long journey through Al-Risalah al-Jami’ah — with a special closing ceremony in which the last portion of the text (topic: “Protecting the Heart from Sin”) will be covered by visiting teacher Imam Amin Muhammad. We will also recognize students for their participation and achievement. Though this event is completely free, if you plan to attend, please register here to help us get a proper headcount so we can better prepare. (Dinner will be served.)


For centuries, the text Al-Risalah al-Jamiah has been used across the Muslim world as a primer for people embarking upon the study of Islam and its key principles. A thorough yet concise manual which navigates carefully through the essential elements of belief (aqidah), practice (fiqh), and purification of the soul (tasawwuf), it is an invaluable resource for people seeking knowledge, clarity, and guidance.

Throughout the past year, Ustadha Ieasha Prime guided students through Al-Risalah al-Jamiah, covering its contents with a special aim of helping students attain the fard ‘ayn (personally obligatory) knowledge needed to properly fulfill the command to worship and obey Allah Most High with sincerity, reverence, and love.

About Imam Amin Muhammad

Imam Amin Muhammad is a native of Atlantic City, NJ, who has spent more than a decade studying the Islamic sciences with scholars from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Lebanon. In particular, he has spent extended periods studying with Shaykh Samir al-Nass, Shaykh Salah al-Din al-Idlibi, Shaykh Jamal Dhahabi, and Shaykh Walid al-Rifa’i. He has studied many of the Islamic sciences, including Aqidah, Fiqh, Tafsir, Sirah, Hadith, and Hadith methodology. 
Presently, Imam Amin lectures weekly on Islamic Theology (Aqidah), Jurisprudence (Fiqh), and Spirituality (Tasawwuf) in various centers of learning in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Imam Amin is known for his community involvement at the grass-roots level, serving people far beyond his own community. He continues to be involved in numerous local and national projects, while serving as the imam of Masjid Muhammad, the oldest mosque in Southern New Jersey.


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