UPCOMING Event! Etiquette with the Qur’an w/ Shaykh Mikaeel Ahmed Smith


Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/etiquette-with-the-quran-tickets-28586191067

A “must-read” for any believer seeking to benefit from the Book of Allah, Etiquette with the Qur’an is a superb translation of the Arabic text At-Tibyan fi Hamalat al-Qur’an, an enduring classic work on the etiquette that a Muslim should have with regard to handling, teaching, studying, respecting, and reciting the Qur’an. The text was composed by Imam al-Nawawi (rahimahullah), undoubtedly one of the most well-known scholars in Muslim history—a master of several disciplines, including Hadith, Fiqh, and Tafsir.

In this one-day intensive, Shaykh Mikaeel Ahmed Smith will guide attendees through selections from Etiquette with the Qur’an, with a special focus on how we can apply its lessons in order to purify and transform our approach toward, and interaction with, the Book of Allah Most High. Join us on a one-day journey through a valuable text which presents, in a clear, comprehensive, and thoughtful manner, precisely how to give the Qur’an its due right.

A PDF of the text Etiquette with the Qur’an will be sent to registered attendees. Hard copies of the book will also be available at the program (limited number). Order your copy in advance from Mecca Books (www.meccabooks.com).

Excerpt from the Foreword: “The present work was designed and written to explain to men and women how best to benefit from the Book of Allah. The blessing of the Qur’an is that whoever recites it as it should be recited is changed by it… It is well known to everyone conversant with the Islamic disciplines that books do not bestow their benefits to those without the key to them. This key is adab, the ‘right way of doing things,’ rendered in the title as ‘etiquette’…”

“This is an excellent guide book that you will want to return to often for reference. I had no knowledge of some of these etiquettes. Putting them into practice has helped deepen my appreciation and respect for the Qur’an.” – Online reviewer


Shaykh Mikaeel Ahmed Smith currently serves as the lead instructor at Al-Fath Academy, a DC area-based institute which provides Islamic learning to students in an online or hybrid format. He grew up in a deeply spiritual Christian home in Buffalo, New York. At the age of 18, he embraced Islam after reading the Qur’an and the Autobiography of Malcolm X. Within a year after his shahadah, Shaykh Mikaeel enrolled at the Dar ul-Uloom al-Madania in Buffalo, NY, where he learned to read Arabic and memorized the Qur’an. In 2008, he traveled overseas to study Arabic at the Jami’a Abu Noor in Damascus, Syria. Upon his return, he continued studying the Islamic sciences at the Dar ul-Uloom al-Madania, where he completed the Alim program and earned his Bachelors in Islamic Studies in 2010. In 2012, he completed his studies of the Sihah Sitta (six most authentic collections of Prophetic traditions) and Qur’anic Tafseer (commentary), earning his Masters in Islamic Studies at the Dar ul-Uloom Canada in Chatham, Ontario. Later the same year, he moved to Maryland to become the scholar-in-residence at the Islamic Society of Annapolis. He taught tajweed (Qur’an recitation) and the foundational Islamic sciences at the Makkah Learning Center for a number of years. In 2016, he accepted a teaching position at Tarbiyah Academy. Shaykh Mikaeel is passionate about meeting the needs of Muslim converts, building Islamic literacy among youth, and striving for social justice. He shares a love for books and athletics.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/etiquette-with-the-quran-tickets-28586191067


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