Weekend at the Makkah Learning Center

ImageAlhamdulillah, members and supporters of the Tajdeed Institute wrapped up a memorable, spiritually-rejuvenating weekend at the Makkah Learning Center, a masjid situated in a wide expanse of land in Crofton, MD, off of Route 3. MLC hosted believers from throughout the DMV for an i’tikaf on Saturday night into Sunday morning (open also to sisters and children) followed by Fajr and a community breakfast. The program included readings and reflections on stories of the Sahabah with special emphasis on developing communal bonds, tahajjud, and individual Qur’an recital. Masha’Allah, there was a strong showing of brothers and some families from the inner-city, who were made to feel most welcome. The ‘treat’ in ‘retreat’ was truly felt. Special thanks and jazakum Allahu khayran to brothers Luqman and Abdullah Raheem Malik Shakur, who helped provide transportation for our youth.

Imam Mikaeel is prepared to turn the community i’tikaf into a monthly program, held on the first Saturday of every month, insha’Allah. May Allah (swt) bless his efforts to create a space in which sincere seekers can learn, grow, and flourish.


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