Wishing You the Best in these Special Days…and Always!


We pray that Allah (swt) increases the reward for all good intentions and actions during these blessed first days of Dhul Hijjah,  Several weeks ago, we were able to facilitate the attendance of six DC youth at Al-Maqasid’s Reviving Remembrance retreat in the Pocono Mountains in PA. This would not have been possible except by the grace and mercy of Allah (swt). At this special time, we wanted to thank you, who gave generously–no matter the amount–to make it happen for our youth. Here is what a few of them had to say:

“The retreat was great. What I enjoyed most was all of the different classes. I really enjoyed the [evening sessions] when all of the teachers were there. I also liked seeing all the different Muslims from everywhere.” – Hasani Cacho, age 18

“What I liked most was the brotherly bond and the time away.” – Giovanni “Abdul-Majeed” Little, age 17

Your generous contributions covered the youths’ registration and transportation costs in full. We pray that Allah (swt) rewards each and every one of you immensely for your assistance and generosity, both in this life and the next. Your help in this effort was truly appreciated. We will be sure to mention you once again in our du’as during the last few of these blessed days.



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